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jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

One month after arriving - some impressions I

Yes, I know... I've been lost; out if the picture; away... whatever you want to call it... it has been a while since I've written on my blog.

The truth is I've been busy... doing what? REALLY I don't know!!!

Time: here in Oz, I don't know why, but time seems to pass by a LOT faster. In a blink of an eye it's already noon, and in the next one it's 9 pm. All the things I told myself I was going to do this first month, well I haven't done half of it. In this first month I told myself I was going to:

  • Start the skillmax course
  • Elaborate my portfolio
  • Work on my thesis
  • Look and apply for jobs on a daily bases
  • Look for a place to move
  • Socialise with my friends here
  • Buy some things for when I move
  • Go to yoga classes

What of those have I actually done?

Well, I'm going to yoga classes, I started the skillmax course, I socialised too much, I've looked for a place to live (hopefully tomorrow I'll know where), only bought a printer and some towels... and that's it!!! I haven't look for a job on a daily bases (only have so far applied for one position... not very good statistics for me), haven't even looked at my thesis files and haven't finished my portfolio... so, all the important things I have left behind.

Well it's not that I have the best timetable, and living far from the city doesn't help.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning       READING      
Going 2 skillmax Going 2 skillmax Going 2 skillmax
Afternoon Skillmax Skillmax Skillmax Going to UNSW      
Night Yoga Yoga Yoga      
Arriving home Arriving home Arriving home Arriving home

Besides that, for the course I'm tutoring, I have to read A LOT, so all my train rides and my Thursday mornings are only for reading (and tonight writing this post).

The day I turned one month here I realised all of the above... so I told myself to change that, though it's not going to be that easy these 2 next weeks.

This Saturday I'm going to Canberra to register myself to vote in October; on Sunday Clau comes to Sydney for a few days; then on Tuesday Javi comes for a while... and then I have to move.

At nights I'm too tired, and it's too late, to turn the computer on to work. I usually arrive Mon-Wed at 9 pm - today at 11; and on Thursdays I arrive at 11... on the weekends I feel like a refugee, 'cause I stay with friends because of the transport issue to get home - f.e. this Friday I'm staying with a friend in order to be in Central at 7am Saturday, because the first bus I can catch to get to the Parramatta Station is at 6:40 am, which doesn't work for me, because I'd arrive at Central aprox at 7:40am)

Anyway, stop complaining!!! The thing is I have to kick myself in order to finish my portfolio, start applying for jobs on daily bases and finish my thesis.

I'll let you know how that worked :-)

3 comentarios:

  1. It doesn't matter, you have done a lot counting you only have a month there, say Hola, te extrañare amiguita from me to Clau, and that's soooooooo good you're gonna register to vote in October, i hope you won't vote for Esteban. Good luck in the next two weeks, you'll make it awesome.

  2. Hi Ale... thanks for you support!!!! :D

  3. I think that is great you have registered yourself to vote (regardless political preferences, even though I know who you are going to be voting for ;) ).